Road map : Mind path using the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Sati Patthana Sutta)

Mindpath ( Duenjit)“ Four Foundations of Mindfulness”

     1. Samma sati/ Right Mindfulness
Mindful of the body

      Mindful of the breath.

      Mindful of the four major postures. ( standing, sitting, walking, lying down).

      Mindful of the minor postures. ( bending, changing clothes, blinking etc). 

      Mindful and clear comprehension.

Mindful of feelings

      It can be pleasant, unpleasant, neither pleasant nor unpleasant.

Mindful of the mind

      Knowing the mind with greed, hatred or delusion.

Mindful of the dhamma

      Knowing of the five hindrances( sensual desire, ill will, sloth and torpor, 

restless and worry, doubt).

    2 . Samma samadhi/ Right Concentration

First jhana may experience : total body and mind awareness, goosebumps, body rocking,

feeling like ants crawling, tingling, body expansion or contraction, heat or cold sensation.

Second jhana will experience : total rapture.

Third jhana will experience: lightness, airy, pleasant, inner awakening and knowing.

Fourth jhana will experience: equanimity, steady mind, pervading rapture suffuses the whole body.

    3. Samma yana / Right Wisdom

Awakening, expansive knowing, blooming.

All the dhamma will appear as it is.

    4. Samma vimutti / Right Freedom (from suffering)

Feeling sturdy, knowing, empty (of self).

Free from all conditionings.

Dhamma taught by  Ajahn Maha Worapot( Phra maha Worapot Kittivaro).


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